(OU)VERT Symposium

The first interdisciplinary (OU)VERT symposium in Copenhagen took place on May 19th 2017. Under the title Un-Greening Green:  Materials – Metaphors – Media – Misunderstandings philosophers, artists, art historians, science and technology scholars, researchers from the natural and the medical sciences confronted positions inherent in the pervasive greenness trope and debate contradictions emerging with its migration across different cultures of knowledge. 

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SLSA 2018 Conference on GREEN

The 12th European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference has been held in Copenhagen in June 2018 with the topic of GREEN. The SLSAeu board had named Jens Hauser the chair of the conference to be organized conjunctly by the the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen.

The SLSAeu is the sister organisation of the international, USA-based Society for Literature, Science and the Arts. It  welcomes colleagues in the humanities, the social sciences, the arts, all fields of science, medicine, engineering, computer sciences as well as independent scholars, artists and scientists, and explicitly promotes inter- and trans-disciplinary exchange between literature, the arts, the natural sciences, medicine and technology. After the SLSAeu meeting on 'Control' in Stockholm and this year’s conference in Basel on the theme of 'Empathies', it was the second time that the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts comes to Denmark, after Aarhus in 2002.